Diwali 2017: 5 Delicious Snacks For The Festive Celebration

| October 11 , 2017 , 17:19 IST

The biggest festival for Hindus all around the world, Diwali is on its way and will knock our door on October 19th. Every year people celebrate this day with full festive spirit. Gearing up in festive mood, people step out on the streets for shopping and fun.

Decorating homes, lights, lamps, decking up new clothes and sweets all are in line with this very festival.

But that not all for Diwali, this long ongoing festival brings all our families and friends together.

Here are some great ideas for mouth-watering treats for these gatherings.

Moong Daal Samosa

Samosa is India's all time favourite dish. It is easy to prepare and can be preserved for a day. The outer covering of Samosa (Maida dough) can be kept prepared and the inner batter made of Moong daal can also be easily made with vegetable. One can simply add fillings, fry and serve hot Samosas with fresh mint chutney as their Diwali snack.

Hara Bhara Masala Tikki

This is an interesting and easy-to-make dish. Your guests will definitely love this boiled green peas, potatoes and spinach mixed that is further complimented with numerous spices. One can store the mixture and quickly shape and fry the food good to serve. It would also be a great starter if you plan for dinner with friends at your place.

Papdi Chaat

This is also one of the most loved fast food in our country. The round crispy fried disks are now easily available in market. One just need to slathered the round crispy fried disks with curd, tamarind chutney and chaat masala and it will leave everyone licking their fingers.

Multani Paneer Tikka

No one can say ‘no’ to Paneer can they? Multani paneer is the unique dish one should try this festival. In this dish, Paneer is stuffed with mushroom mixture or any soft veggie, coated in a besan batter and then fried till golden. It tastes best with mint chutney.

Aloo Bonda

This popular tea time snack can also be a festive snack if you haven't tried this already. Deep fried potatoes mashed with salt, chillies, coriander leaves, lemon juice, all coated in fried besan batter will leave the party admiring the taste more than the festival itself. Although, don't forget to make some tomato chutney to go with it.

So try these easy-to-make snacks on this festival and surely, they will make your Diwali even more special than it already is.