'Johnnie Walker' Whisky Undergoes A Makeover, Becomes 'Jane Walker' To Woo Female Audiences

| February 27 , 2018 , 15:38 IST

To appeal more to the female population and to change the image of whisky being a 'manly' beverage, famous scotch whiskey brand Johnnie Walker will now be available in a limited edition 'female' version. The iconic Johnnie Walker logo of a top-hatted man striding along is replaced with a woman in a top hat striding along in 'Jane Walker'.

"We really see Jane as the first female iteration of our striding-man icon,” said Stephanie Jacoby, Vice President of Johnnie Walker in an interview.

"We like to think of our striding man and our striding woman as really walking together going forward," she said.

Initially, the Jane Walker logo will appear on 2.5 lakh bottles across the US in March, and makers haven't ruled out further production.  For every bottle of the Jane Walker produced, the brand owner Diageo Plc is donating $1 to organisations that promote women, such as Monumental Women and She Should Run.

“Scotch as a category is seen as particularly intimidating by women,” Jacoby said in an interview, adding that "It’s a really exciting opportunity to invite women into the brand."

Despite the positive intentions of the brand, the reports of female whiskey 'Jane Walker' has received negative feedback from women, with many expressing disappointment that any alcohol has to be changed to appeal to women. A similar initiative by a chips brand for special 'quieter' chips for women was also criticised, as people said that foods should not discriminate between genders.