Eid ul-Fitr 2017: Here's What Makes This Festival So Beautiful!

| June 26 , 2017 , 10:43 IST

The holy month of Ramadan begins with looking at the crescent moon and Eid festivities also begin after the moon is sighted.  

In the Islamic calendar, the month of Ramzan is considered the holiest and most sacred because it is believed that the religious book of Islam, which is Quran, was written in the same month. Muslims across the globe observe fast from dawn to dusk, in order to prove their devotion to God and also to feel the pain of the less privileged people.

The end of the Holy month of Ramadan is marked by the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. Muslims wait for an entire month to celebrate Eid when people greet saying ‘Eid Mubarak’ and embrace each other.

The day of Eid begins with the offering of Eid prayers in the Mosque by the men of the family. Then many go towards the graveyard to offer respect to their family members who are no more with them. After this, they go visit friends, relatives, neighbours and loved ones. They join them to eat special dishes that are prepared on the occasion of Eid, for example, sweets and other meals specially made for the day.

One of the most loved dishes of Eid that is common in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is ‘Sevaiyan’, a dish of toasted, fine vermicelli in the midst of milk and dried fruit. 

Women and young girls apply beautiful design of Mehndi on their palms to celebrate the occasion. They wear new clothes and indulge in the joyous times.

On this auspicious day, Muslims earning more than a certain amount gives out food, clothes and money to the ones in need. It's a beautiful gesture of humanity that the people observe as prime duty on the occasion of Eid. 

Few popular mosques of India where a huge crowd gathers every year to offer Prayers of Eid include - Aishbagh Idgah in Lucknow, Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad, in Kolkata prayers are offered on Red Road, the Jama Masjid in New Delhi.

People forget all kinds of animosity and hatred to accept everyone around as their beloved ones created by the same Almighty. For everyone celebrating Eid, its a day to rejoice and remember the paramount love that the Supreme Lord showers on everyone. It's a day to have the attitude of gratitude towards everyone.

Eid is a beautiful festival of goodness and warmth. Eid Mubarak everyone!