20 Indians Humiliated, Deported From Georgia And Detained At Dubai Airport

| October 26 , 2017 , 14:23 IST

20 Indian tourists travelling to Georgia have been deported back and were detained at Dubai Airport. Their passports and other documents have been confiscated. All of these passengers hail from the North-East. The passengers have been devoid of basic amenities as well. Neither they have been allowed to use the washrooms nor have they been provided any potable water.

All these passengers were in possession of valid e-visa granted by Georgian government but upon their arrival, the immigration officials deported the entire group back to India without citing a reason for the same.

Actor Rannvijay Singha took to Twitter to express his shock at the manner in which the Indian tourists have been treated. He has tagged the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to draw her attention.

Swaraj has been known to take quick interventions on requests tweeted to her.  Earlier on Thursday, the minister tweeted on the attack on a Swiss couple in Fatehpur Sikri. The External Affairs minister has asked the Uttar Pradesh government for a report on the matter and sent officials from the ministry to visit the couple in the hospital. One person has already been arrested in this case. 

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Several Indians have raised concerns over visiting Georgia because of their immigration policy.

Blogger Nikita Mukherjee recounted her visit to Georgia in her tweets.


However, this is not the first case of Georgian officials humiliating and deporting Indian tourists and passengers. Khushbu Kaushal from Mumbai had travelled to Georgia in June this year and faced the same situation. After coming back to the country she recounted her horror and ordeal in a Facebook post that had gone viral. According to Khushbu that was the most humiliating night in her life. After more than six hours of waiting she was not given water despite almost begging for it from the officers. After being held up for more than 9 hours she was deported back to India. She too had all the necessary papers and visa.

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