Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ruhi Cries Her Heart Out As Raman Leaves The House

| July 27 , 2015 , 19:30 IST
ruhi All is not well in the Bhalla family as all the members are dealing with misunderstandings and Ishita is trying her level best to bring everything on track. After Mrs. Bhalla slaps Raman for being rude to his father and also blames Ishita for all the differences within the family member, Raman loses his cool and decides to confront her. Mrs-Bhalla An angry Raman says that he has had enough of all this and no one in the family realise their mistakes, so it is better that he leaves the house for good and promises to never come back Seeing this side of Raman, Ishita goes after him and tries to convince him that all will be well. Meanwhile, little Ruhi cries her heart out as she sees her father leaving the house. Ishita tries to console Ruhi that daddy will come back soon, but the little child says that nothing is going to be fine and she has never seen her dad being so angry. Now the question is, Will Ishita be able to bring Raman back? How will she face Ruhi?