Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita Is Dead! Raman,Ruhi Shattered

| May 30 , 2015 , 14:32 IST
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s ongoing track is heart wrenching. The whole Bhalla family was completely shattered as they can’t find their beloved Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) who was buried in the debris followed by an earthquake. yeh hai mohabbatein: Will Ishita Survive The Earthquake?Also Read: Will Ishita Survive The Earthquake ? Ishita’s husband Raman (Karan Patel) was frantically looking for Ishita at the destruction site. Though everybody else including ACP Abhishek (Vivek Dhaiya) believes that Ishita is dead! Raman is just not ready to accept the fact and is getting mad to find his beloved wife. Raman is just not ready to accept the fact that Ishita is no more!On the other side Adi (Gautam Ahuja) is in deep shock after Ruhi (Ruhanika Dhawan)  informs the family members that it was Ishita who saved his life when the cylinder blasted in the apartment. adi ruhi yeh hai mohabbateinAlso Read: After Ruhi Now Ishita Becomes Adi’s ‘Ishi Ma’ While Shagun chose to run away, Adi’s Ishita aunty saved his life from fire and even helped the kids in getting out of the apartment, ending her in a trouble. bhalla family YHMBhalla family is completely broken when police informs that Ishita can’t survive, as it’s been quite a long since she is buried in the debris. While everybody is mourning Ishita’s death, Ruhi is not ready to accept the fact that her Ishima is no more. ruhi yhmShe forcefully enters the destruction site, and recalls all the memories with Ishima. All of sudden she sees Ishita’s hand in a debris nearby. She recklessly runs towards her and informs Raman also about the same. ishita YHMRaman and Ruhi cries bitterly on seeing Ishita’s condition who is not breathing! raman ruhi YHMThe episode ends with Adi breaking his ties with Shagun and asking her to get out of his life. adi shagunA heartbroken Shagun confesses to Ashok that she is not a good mother and Ishita is the real mother of her children Adi and Ruhi. shagun criesWith Adi kicking her out of his life, we expect Shagun’s character to be transformed! Well only time will tell that. ishita doctorAs of now everybody is concern about Ishita’s life, will she survive? How will Ruhi and Raman react if Ishita will be pronounced dead by the doctors? Visit this space for more updates on YHM.