Vidya Balan In Trouble For Promoting Cough Syrup, Might Receive Notice From FDA

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| December 4 , 2017 , 12:38 IST

Bollywood's bindass beauty Vidya Balan who has garnered praises and appreciation for her brilliant acting prowess from all around the nation seems to be in trouble along with her latest hit 'Tumhari Sulu'.

The use of a particular cough syrup in the comedy-drama without adding an advisory of promotion didn't sit well with Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) officials who might send a notice to the actress along with the production house.

Notably, the syrup manufactured by the north India based pharmaceutical company, Torque has been promoted during film promotions and advertisements through various mediums of mass communication.

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FDA commissioner Pallavi Darade confirmed that the advertisement violated the norms of advising by missing the caution to use the medicine which varies for every user, neither did the advertiser's advice patients of not using the syrup without physicians consultation.

In a recent advertisement, Vidya Balan who plays Sulu in the Suresh Triveni directorial could be seen coughing in the middle of her late night radio show, following which she uses the syrup and gets all well.

Vidya cited in the ad, "Sulu ke har safar mein uska saathi, Torex cough syrup ho, toh alvida khashi." Dr Tushar Jagtap, a medical activist complaint to FDA claiming that the advertisement promotes self-medication.

In response to the complaint, T-Series Marketing President has refused to acknowledge the claims. Mr Vinod Bhanushali affirmed, "We have nothing to do with the product it’s purely an integration in film promotion. The brand shall be answerable for any query."