Varun Dhawan Makes An Exciting Revelation About Original 'Judwaa'

| September 19 , 2017 , 15:57 IST

90s action comedy film JUDWAA, directed by David Dhawan, starring Salman Khan held a lot of Indian audiences as the film gave Bollywood fans two of the famous characters- Prem and Raja. Released in 1997, the film was successful at the box office. A lot of stars- Karishma Kapoor and Rambha – hold credit for the same.

But did you know actress Tabu was also a part of the movie? Well, yes, she was! She very much contributed to the success of the film as she dubbed for Telugu actress Rambha.

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Varun shared a selfie moment with actor Tabu. While describing the pictures, Varun revealed that Tabu was a part of the original film too. Now, going in flashback you might wonder and say that Tabu was nowhere to be seen in ‘Judwaa’, but hold on, she was indeed a part of the movie.

The actor took to Twitter and said, “A week ago I ran into the very beautiful Tabu who was also part of the original 'Judwaa'. She had dubbed for Rambha. So many stories get lost in time. There were so many who were part of the original 'Judwaa' and are responsible for 'Judwaa2' returning to the big screens 20 years later.”

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Now the father David Dhawan is coming with son Varun Dhawan and actors Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu. The audience is extremely happy that finally the much-awaited remake of the year, ‘Judwaa 2’ is near its release date.