Long Life Requires Slow Metabolism, Not Wives Who Fast: Twinkle Khanna On Karwa Chauth

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| October 8 , 2017 , 19:17 IST

Twinkle Khanna is one of the very few Indian celebrities who has frequently voiced views on feminism and equality. The best selling author and self-made entrepreneur has never shied away from sharing her viewpoint on the evils of society which still lurk in the corners of every conservative Indian household.

Her witty attitude is what calls everybody's attention. The columnist has expressed her disapproval for the age-old traditions like Karwa Chauth on many occasions. The latest one being the Vogue Women Of The Year where she was honoured with Opinion Maker Of The Year award.

In Twinkle's hard-hitting sarcasm-laden thank you speech, she didn't forget to mention the reason why the idea of women fasting for their husband's long life irks her. Her canny statements never fail to amaze the listeners and this one also certainly didn't.

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She said, "Millions of Indian women fast for their husbands’ long lives every Karva Chauth. My dear friend who just won an award is immortalised in his movies, but I don’t think our 3,033 Gods are really listening. Because on the mortality charts there are 147 countries above us where their men outlive our good old Indian dudes. So, ladies stop because it’s clearly not working."

Now on the occasion of Karwa Chauth, her much-anticipated Tweet has left the readers in hysterics. Mrs Funnybones never talks without facts, whatever she says has a well-researched reason behind it. Her Tweet also drew a connection between long life and fasting wives, which is... Nil.

Her to-the-point tweet read, "Scientists studying longest living mammals, bowhead whales found for a long life what is needed is a slow metabolism and not wives who fast."

Twinkle Khanna has never depended on her superstar husband, Akshay Kumar for fame as she herself doesn't lack talent. Her acting career might not have worked but her books 'Mrs Funnybones' and 'The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad' were highly appreciated by readers.