Tanushree Dutta Hits Back At Her Own Supporters

| September 29 , 2018 , 17:21 IST

A few days back actress Tanushree Dutta has been in the buzz. She alleged of being sexually harassed by Nana Patekar on the set of 2008 film ‘Horn OK Pleassss’. The news spread like wildfire and celebrities of Bollywood came out in support of the actress.

Actors such as Farhan Akhtar, Priyanka Chopra, Swara Bhaskar, Shruti Seth, Sonam K Ahuja, Twinkle Khanna all took to their Twitter accounts to support the Ashiq Bnaya fame, Tanushree.

Hardly did they know that it will turn back on them. Twinkle’s tweet did not go down too well with Tanushree.

She was not quite happy with Priyanka calling her a 'survivor' in her tweet that read, "The world needs to #BelieveSurviviors". 

According to media reports Tanushree firmly reacted, "Well, it's amazing. She (Priyanka) has finally decided to join the bandwagon. It's probably a smart thing to do at this point in time, But I just want people to know that I am not going to be reduced to a survivor. I have a name, I have a story and I have this truth that I am trying to get out because it's not for me but for people who will come forward in the generations to come.''

She even raised questions against Twinkle Khanna's tweet.

In an exclusive interview with Zoom TV, she reacted on Twinkle’s tweet as well and said, "Thank you, ma'am, for supporting me but your husband is about to or is even shooting the film with Nana Patekar. What about that?”

She further added, "That is the question I am asking and how much of that support is genuine because if it doesn't result in any kind of disciplinary action. They have not apologized to me and they are already spinning lies so when you go ahead and work with them they have the sense of victory."

In his defence, Nana Patekar sent a legal notice to Tanushree and demanded an apology for accusing him of harassing her on a film set 10 years ago.

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Dutta has also made allegations against ‘Horn OK Pleassss’ choreographer Ganesh Acharya, director Rakesh Sarang and producer Samee Siddique for ganging up against her by witnessing everything mutely and not taking her stand.