Gone Too Soon! Swedish DJ-Cum-EDM Star Avicii Passes Away At 28

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| April 21 , 2018 , 12:21 IST

Known for his contribution to getting the electric music global recognition, world-renowned Swedish DJ Avicii passed away on Friday in Oman, leaving millions of his fans to mourn over losing a sensational EDM artist. At the mere age of 28, the 'Levels' creator bid adieu to all his struggles.

Originally named Tim burgling, Avicii was reportedly having issues in coping with his popularity and health. Notably, he retired from the EDM scene in 2016 at the early age of 26 but the hope of his comeback lingered in the hearts of his ardent fans, which were shattered with the news of his death.

The specific cause of his untimely death is still unknown but the statement which surfaced to confirm the loss specified that he was on a visit to the Gulf kingdom's capital Muscat and died in mysterious circumstances. His family and friends are shocked with the knowledge of his demise.

The statement conveyed, "The family is devastated and we ask everyone to please respect their need for privacy in this difficult time." Ever since the news broke out, his lovers are expressing their sorrow in distinctive ways, some via heart-shattering tweets and others by being silent.

Avicii was among the most accomplished DJs who ventured into the mainstream electronic music and became an accomplished EDM sensation within years of his debut on stage. His tryst with fame commenced with the launch of 'Levels' in 2011, followed by multiple other hits.

Among his biggest hits was 'Wake Me Up' featuring Aloe Blacc, which went to number one across Europe in 2013. He, however, was forced to quit the life of popularity after suffering from acute pancreatitis, reportedly triggered by excessive drinking, leaving his admirers heartbroken.

His death has come as a shock for numerous music lovers, who admired Avicii for his art. Along with many others, we wish for the parted soul to, Rest In Peace!