Did Swara Bhaskar Just Call Her Letter To Sanjay Leela Bhansali 'Incredibly Stupid'?

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| February 18 , 2018 , 14:40 IST

Critically acclaimed actress Swara Bhaskar garnered unprecedented limelight for her criticising letter to Sanjay Leela Bhansali for glorifying the act of 'Jauhar' in his magnum opus Padmaavat. Her opinion, however, didn't sit well with many who slammed for her using the term 'vagina' in her letter multiple times.

Despite facing major a backlash from both the commoners and film celebrities, Swara never backed out of her words stating that Bhansali's artistic tribute made her felt "reduced to a vagina". Among the many criticising comments for her open letter to the celebrated filmmaker, Swara was told that her letter was stupid.

Talking to MidDay, Swara admitted that apart from being extremely bold, her letter was called "stupid" by many. However, the entire fiasco over her mere opinion still shocks the actress. Expressing her surprise, she said, "I didn’t even know that I was so famous, or my voice mattered this much."

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She admitted that the ample of criticism received by her letter implied her mass reach in "a twisted, warped way". Although the actress doesn't blame Bollywood for any hatred she received on social media but is rather thankful for accepting her, an outsider with no filmy background without any inhibitions.

"In Bollywood, however, everyone is only trying hard to hold their ground, despite all odds. So, this is not the industry that must be blamed," Swara claimed and added that with the kind of mindset she possesses, it is important for her to prepare herself for such backlashes in future as well. She said, "Fundamentally, I have fierce opinions. And if I have them, I must be prepared to deal with trolls."

The actress assured of being more cautious with her words from now on stating, "I have to be careful about the things I say because it will be up for scrutiny. Words are twisted out of context to imply something else. This is also probably the reason behind artistes’ hesitation to back issues that they feel strongly about."