Superstar Salman Khan And Katrina Kaif, Among Other Celebs, Sued In The US

| June 15 , 2018 , 13:17 IST

Salman Khan and some other Bollywood celebrities including Ranveer Singh, Prabhu Deva, Sonakshi Sinha and Katrina Kaif have been sued by an Indian American promoter, who alleged that they denied performing in the US despite taking the money.

The vibrant Media Group in its lawsuit against the Bollywood celebs and their agents the Matrix India Entertainment Consultants Private Limited and Yashraj Films Private Limited alleged "breach of contract", media reported on Friday.

According to the complaint in 2013, the Vibrant Media Group had hired the artists to appear Live and asked to perform at the concert Celebrating 100 Years of Indian Cinema, which was held on September 1, 2013.

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The show got cancelled as Salman Khan was unable to leave India due to legal troubles in Rajasthan. The Vibrant Media Group agreed on to postpone the event, the lawsuit said.

The Vibrant Media Group, according to the lawsuit, got to learn that Salman Khan along with the other artists, instead of keeping their promise to it did not even offer to return the deposits that they had received for the performance. The lawsuit also mentioned that the stars have agreed to perform with another promoter.

"All calls to Mr. Khan, his agents and other artists for the return of the funds have gone unanswered," the group said as it sought damages at least $1 million.

According to the complaint, Vibrant Media paid more than $200,000 to Salman Khan in advance of the concert to be held at the Sears Centre in Chicago on September 1.

Katrina Kaif was paid $40,000 and Sonakshi Sinha $36,000. None of these funds has been returned, the complainant alleged.