You Disgust Me: Sunita Rajwar Slams Nawazuddin Siddiqui For Making False Claims In His Biography

| October 29 , 2017 , 15:19 IST

Renowned for playing influential characters on-screen while showcasing his acting prowess, Nawazuddin Siddiqui is currently making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The actor who became an inspiration for many with his struggles and dedication recently collaborated with Rituparna Chatterjee to write his biography.

Few excerpts from the book 'An Ordinary Life' broke the internet a few days back which gave an insight of Nawaz's love-life. Among his many affairs as elaborated in the book, his 'Miss Lovely' co-star Niharika Singh earlier slammed him for "fabricating stories and manipulating" their relationship.

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Now, his 'one true love' and television actress, Sunita Rajwar has also broken her silence and questioned the actor's facts. Calling him a "sympathy seeker", Siddhiqui's former lover has accused him of portraying their relationship in a wrong light. In a lengthy Facebook post, she clarified what all was fabricated in the actor's biography.


While writing about their break-up, Nawaz has mentioned about facing a mental break-down when Sunita decided to part ways with him, following the thoughts of suicide and deep depression. He has talked about emotionally detaching himself from women after the incident but Rajwar does not believe so.

Nawaz has claimed that despite being NSD graduates, they both never interacted in the campus whereas Sunita has found a pun in the situation and said that interacting is another thing but never meeting was a little odd. The actress went on to clarify that their relationship started and ended with 3 shows of a play and had nothing too serious about it.

The 43-year-old actor claimed that Sunita left him due to him being unsuccessful but Sunita has rubbished all his claims reminding him that she was more of a struggler than him. The actress further denied the idea of drawing on his walls and accused him of lying about her bloating about their past relationship with her friends.

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Denying Siddiqui's reason for the break-up, Sunita clarified that she ended their relationship due to his poor mentality and not his poor background. Disgusted by his thoughts for women, the actress accused him of sharing their intimate details with their common friends which acted as a final straw for their relationship.

Nawaz is married to Anjali Siddiqui who is reportedly his second wife. The couple shares two children together- a son and a daughter. Siddiqui family stays away from the limelight and likes to spend time in the confines of their home rather than partying to celebrate like most stars do.