Finally! Twitterati Succeeds In Conveying Aruna's Message, SRK To Meet Her Soon

| October 21 , 2017 , 18:39 IST

Actors like Shah Rukh Khan stays in the hearts of his fans due to his generosity and down-to-earth personality. In the latest reminder of his humble demeanour, the actor granted the wish of a cancer survivor to meet him by sending her a video message.

Aruna PK who is currently fighting cancer on a hospital bed is a strong lady who in spite of battling for life, never lets that infectious smile slips from her lips. The optimistic lady recently made headlines without even trying.

A Twitter post which includes a picture of her while laying in hospital bed along with a sketch of Aruna and Shah Rukh Khan together was going viral few days back. Along with the post, a hashtag #SRKMeetsAruna also trended on Twitter for days.

Shah Rukh got to know about her wish after which he took a heart-warming video to social media and sent her his love and best wishes. Due to her condition, the actor expressed that meeting her would not be possible but we would love to communicate through telephonic conversation, with doctor's permissions, of course.

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Shah Rukh started the video with, "I'm made to understand through your son Akshat and daughter Priyanka that you are fighting with an illness. I want to say this that me, my whole family, all our friends whoever knows about you, we are praying for your wellness."

The actor added, "You are a very strong lady Aruna, I know your gusto, your will, your happiness that you have shared with your loved ones. I can tell that you have the strength to fight this illness and with our prayers and your strength you will get well very soon."

"I just want to say that your children Akshat and Priyanka love you... they are really hoping you get well soon and I know their prayers will be answered," Shah Rukh said.

Without leaving his famous modesty, Shah Rukh said: "You are in a state where meeting you is perhaps not a possibility. I know this for a fact, with the positivity that you carry around that you will get well soon and we will meet very soon."

Aruna was diagnosed with third stage ovarian cancer in February 2011. She, apparently believes that King Khan is her source of strength and her tweets reflect the same. Her love of SRK is beyond inspiring and showcases that Bollywood celebrities leave such a great impact on people's lives without even knowing about it.

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