Sri Reddy Abuses Pawan Kalyan's Mother, Actor Takes Protest To Film Chamber

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| April 20 , 2018 , 14:27 IST

Telugu actress Sri Reddy has garnered massive limelight over the past days due to several leaks by the actress suggesting the involvement of Tollywood's big sharks in evils like casting couch and sexual harassment. However, she might have dug up a hole for herself by spewing venom for Telugu megastar Pawan Kalyan's mother.

Not the one to let such insults thrown at his birth-giver go by without taking an action, the Tollywood actor has condemned the act in a series of tweets suggesting, "If I cannot defend the honour of my mother I better die.." Seems like those tweets were a mere warning as the actor has now taken his protest to the Film Chamber.

True to his words, "You all love & die for Shows which will get highest TRPS for your channels, right?? .. Good !!I will give the Mother of all Shows," Pawan is surely giving media houses something to cover as thousands have joined him in his protest along with big names like Allu Arjun and Ram Charan at TFCC (Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce) where he reached with his advocates to hold a meeting with the MAA (Movie Artistes Association).

Notably, Pawan is protesting against the local media houses which telecasted the offensive words and gestures used by Sri Reddy against him and his mother and accused them of targeting the actor. He further went ahead and asked if the political leaders are also directed to similar coverage or are it just "‘pawanKalyan’ and his “ageing & frail Mother’."

Denoting the set of filmmakers and political leaders who used the opportunity for their benefit as "The Dream team", he stated that they also have "Mothers, sisters, Daughters, Daughters-in-law and all the women. But their women are secured and safe but my Poor, frail, ageing 70-year-old mother had to get abused for their TRPs and political benefits."

Relatively, the whole controversy emerged when amidst Sri Reddy's leak game and accusations of sexual harassment, Pawan Kalyan suggested her to file a case against her abusers instead of naming and shaming the big wigs of Tollywood. Offended by his suggestion, the actress abused him on National television.

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Sri Reddy, who has worked in 3 films so far, shook the entire Telugu cinema when she strip protested in front of Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce on April 7 against casting couch and sexual exploitation in Tollywood and demanded justice for herself and other victims.

She has revealed names of several top artists who are involved in the shameful act. Apart from accusing the renowned director Sekhar Kammula of involvement in casting couch and singer Sreeram Chandra of sending her lewd messages, she has also accused leading producer Suresh Babu's son Abhiram Daggubati of forcing her into having sex with him.