Sonakshi, Sakshi Malik Join Hands For New Campaign 'LikeAGirl'

| September 21 , 2016 , 09:33 IST

SonActress Sonakshi Sinha along with Rio Olympics bronze medalist, wrestler Sakshi Malik, announced the LikeAGirl campaign on Tuesday afternoon. Leading Feminine care brand Whisper celebrated its LikeAGirl campaign, now a nationwide movement, to reinforce the need to redefine the phrase Like A Girl. "I have evolved professionally and personally. I want to be the best version of myself and so should every girl on the country. Its important for every girl to understand that only our gender doesn't and shouldn't define who we are. "It's important that our society realises this as well and that every girl is actively encouraged to do things she loves to do. My parents have always supported my decisions and haven't pressurised me to not do certain things just because I am a girl," Sonakshi Sinha said at the event here. Adding to this Sakshi Malik said: "I dont believe that girls can't fight as hard as boys, as strong as boys, as confident as boys. Yes, we are built differently but we can always be as we want. "It is truly fantastic to be part of whispers LikeAGirl movement and play a part in redefining the phrase like a girl into a positive affirmation because girl is never an insult." Whisper India has put out a challenge to all the girls in the country to take pride and display how they play, fight, run, drive and do anything that they love proudly likeagirl everyday in their lives.

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