Sofia Hayat Is Happy With Salman Khan's Sentence & Isn't Afraid Of Speaking Her Mind Out

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| April 6 , 2018 , 14:37 IST

Salman Khan has been convicted in an almost 2-decade old blackbuck poaching case and awarded 5-year sentence in prison. While the majority of Bollywood celebrities are pouring their support for the actor and his family, former 'Bigg Boss' contestant Sofia Hayat is delighted with the verdict.

Terming the court's order as 'Karma', Hayat admitted that unlike other celebrities she isn't afraid of speaking her mind out on the issue. The former model-actress went ahead and posted a lengthy note on Instagram along with a picture of Salman Khan stamped guilty.

She highlighted Salman's social works through the charitable organisation 'Being Human' and how his reinvented-self failed to "compensate his karma". Hailing India's law structure, she iterated that "no one is bigger than the law" and people should be afraid of breaking the law.


Karma gets you in the end...Many people are afraid to talk against Salman because they think he controls Bollywood. Well, I no longer serve my ego and therefore am not afraid to speak up. I am so happy that Salman has gone to jail for what he has done. Animals are so important to this planet and doing what he did and then mocking it was a huge act of his own self importance. Lots of children look up to him, and he has a responsibility to the young people.What is he showing the world when he does things like this? What lessons is he giving them? That it is ok to break the law, to kill animals and then mock it because he is a celebrity? In any western country he would have been vilified for this and the drink driving deaths that he caused. He has then reinvented himself as a charitable man to try and compensate his karma. Today, India has shown that no matter who you are, if you break the law, you are no bigger than the law. I have heard so many young people in India speak about how they are afraid to go to the police about crimes committed by others because they watch the tv and see how people with money and status get away with it because they have paid off the police or the judge or the lawyers. This happened to me when Armaan Kohli paid off 2 of my lawyers so that I could not continue with the case, Dolly Bindra also told me that Armaans family are powerful enough to put drugs in my bag at the airport and I would be in Jail. I had to then drop the case as all the lawyers I hired were paid off. Today, Hindustan can stand strong and hold its head up high to the world and show them that justice is held up in India, and today, all the poor people have been shown a glimmer of hope in their own fight for justice against those who have manipulated the law. Today I can say Hindustaan Zindabaad!

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"I am so happy that Salman has gone to jail," Sofia specified reasoning that a lot of youngsters look up to him and by breaking the law, he has given out a wrong lesson, which he deserved to be punished for. She added, "In any western country he would have been vilified for this."

The unapologetic actress even dragged her case with Armaan Kohli signalling how the latter paid two of her lawyers to get the case closed, ridiculing the mentality that anybody can get away with breaking laws because of his celebrity status and family approach.

Sofia affirmed how proud she is off the nation and Salman's conviction was a glimmer of true justice in India. "Hindustan can stand strong and hold its head up high to the world and show them that justice is held up in India," she wrote signing off with "Hindustaan Zindabaad!"