Wishing For A New Beginning, Shruti Seth Asks How Long Will Bollywood Take To Reveal Its Dirty Secrets

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| January 2 , 2018 , 18:54 IST

Shruti Seth has now become a forgotten name in showbiz but the 'Shararat' actress knows how to cause an uproar among the masses with her well-thought statements. After years of trying a hand in Bollywood, Seth was never able to prove her Mattel in Hindi Film industry.

Many speculations regarding the diminished career of the talented actress were made but her latest tweet might have hinted at the real reason. While the entire globe was embracing the joyous festivities of New Year, Shruti was pondering upon another serious aspect.

Sharing a story of the 'Time's Up' campaign initiated by Hollywood actresses to raise voice against sexual misconduct, Seth tweeted, "I wonder if Bollywood will ever reveal its dirty secrets? It took Hollywood nearly 25 years to speak up. We'll take another 50 perhaps."

Her question has forced the bigwigs of India's male-dominant film industry to wonder why the true talent of our nation still feels so unprotected and insecure. Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra also agreed that not just Hollywood but Bollywood also has many Harvey Weinstein.

Shruti has never shied away from raising her voice against the developments she doesn't agree to. In 2015, she criticised Narendra Modi's #SelfieWithDaughter campaign and was trolled mercilessly on social media. Instead of running for the hills, she countered the trolling with a brave face.