Sacred Games Review: Battle For Richness And Power

| July 6 , 2018 , 19:22 IST

Sacred Games is off to a great start and in the times when an intriguing web series is hard to find, this one will surely stand out. Netflix Originals Sacred Games draws the audience deep into the life of Inspector Sartaj Singh and into the burrowed deep criminal underworld of Ganesh Gaitonde. The story is a battle for richness and power.

Satraj Singh played by Saif Ali Khan, a Sikh policeman whose marriage and career is over and is battling with his anxiety close at hand. When Sartaj gets an anonymous tip-off to the secret hideout of the powerful criminal Ganesh Gaitonde, he's determined to find him

Keen on taking this national fugitive, Sartaj is quick to reach the destination. From here on the show explores the different worlds of these two men. In the first few episodes, the drama cuts between the stories of Ganesh Gaitonde and we see how they are both looking for a breakthrough in their respective lives.

The story leads through the life of Sartaj Singh, the usual humdrum of his police duties with occasional glimpses into his background, his mother and love life. There are layers within layers and the show presents a good account of the lives of most of the characters that Sartaj comes into contact with on a daily basis.

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The other story that runs parallel to this one is of Ganesh Gaitonde, his life as a scrawny young boy who came to Mumbai after fleeing his house of how he started off as an accomplice to a criminal and went on to form his own gang and become one of the most feared criminals in Mumbai.

Sacred Games is based on the voluminous novel of the same name by Vikram Chandra, an epic story of friendship, betrayal and a story of a modern city and its dark side. Sacred Games is directed by Vikram Motwane and Anurag Kashyap. Writers Varun Grover, Vasant Nath and Smita Singh keep most scenes short, the narrative is stocked with spine chillers and nimble penetration into politics and religion.

Netflix has cast its net wide in terms of audience and has become a destination when it comes to entertainment with the hope that with projects like Lust Stories and now Sacred Games can pique the interest both of the urban youth who are already hooked on 'Stranger Things' and '13 Reasons Why'.

The individual stories go hand in hand and at no point does one overpower the other. Dubbed as India's answer to Narcos, is yet to be seen if this drama will deliver what it promises in the beginning. But there is no need to compare Sacred games with shows like Narcos and the unmissable exploits of Pablo Escobar.