Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Gopi Bahu Loses The Battle For Life!

| May 27 , 2015 , 13:45 IST
Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Gopi Bahu Loses The Battle For Life!Bad news for all Saath Nibhana Saathiya fans, despite all prayers, the Krishna devotee Gopi Bahu lost the battle for life. She was unintentionally pushed by her own daughter Meera and fell from a building. Since that time, she was struggling for her life. Also Read: Gopi Bahu Dies In ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya’! This has brought the ultimate shock to all the family members, especially Kokila and Ahem. Kokila who has claimed that she will bring her Gopi Bahu back from the unfortunate destiny of death is devasted after hearing doctor pronounce her dead. The incident happened when Gopi was trying to convince Meera but her daughter turned out to be the villain and pushed her back. The bahu of the Modi family fell from the building breaking glass of the window. In the upcoming episodes, it will be interesting part will be the drama after this tragedy. How will her husband Ahem and other family members fight with this situation? And will this accident change Meera’s attitude?

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I agree but its quite unlogical to try and understand Indian dramas logically because its not worth it so I say let it be people who want to watch will and those who couldent care less won't.

Mohil Patel

This is the last thing that the director and producer had to show in SNS to make the serial even below worse. It may be true that they are at the top of TRP ranking. But it seems that the results were upside down. If they were down side up, SNS would not be at the top position, but right at the bottom. I strongly believe that this serial needs to go off air. As audience, I believe that this serial has shown enough violence, disputes and arguments. It even went to the point that main characters had to be killed (Rashi) and then Gopi had to kill Radha (her real sister). But this is way below worse that Gopi is killed by Meera. What is the logic? How many agree? Please rate my comment.