Rishi Kapoor On Father Raj Kapoor's Biopic: 'None Till My Mother Is Alive'

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| September 10 , 2017 , 16:45 IST


Biopics are never out of fashion in Bollywood. People are always up for watching the lives of legends playing on the screen. Many biopics in the recent times, be it 'M.S. Dhoni- The Untold Story', 'Sachin- A Billion Dreams', 'Mary Kom', 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' or the upcoming, 'Dutt' have created the buzz among viewers more than the regular dramas.

Another Biopic on a legendary actor and Bollywood filmmaker, which was in order, has now gone into the drains, and by the looks of it, for a long time.

Raj Kapoor has left a great impact on Hindi film industry with his great work. There were rumours of a possible Biopic on the actor's life with his grandson, Ranbir Kapoor in the lead role.

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The showman's son, Rishi Kapoor while talking about the Biopic has revealed that the Kapoor family has been discussing to make the film for 15 years and the 'Saathiya' producer, Bobby Bedi even offered to make it but the entire family rejected it.

Rishi Kapoor admitted that a film on Raj Kapoor's life would attract a lot of attention but at the same time, it might hurt the feelings of few associated with the person in question. He admitted to his father having affairs and won't allow anybody to showcase his life story till his mother, Krishna Raj Kapoor is alive.

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Remembering an old incident, Rishi said that veteran actor, Sunil Dutt was also against the idea of Raj Kapoor's Biopic and when questioned about permitting the idea, he simply said, ‘Let sleeping dogs lie’. Dutt's wife, Nargis had a close association with Raj Kapoor.

Rishi Kapoor ascertained that if any plans for Raj Kapoor's Biopic are made in future then he and his family themselves would like to present the film and portray the Showman. Earlier, there were reports of Ranbir Kapoor working in Kishore Kumar's Biopic which was later dropped due to the controversial life of the actor.