Richard Gere: ‘Pretty Woman’ Had Some Magic

| September 10 , 2015 , 13:58 IST

pretty woman

On the occasion of Pretty Woman’s 25th anniversary, superstar Richard Gere says the film’s timelessness and generation-spanning success cannot be manufactured again.

Gere, 66, reflected back on the film that made co-star Julia Roberts a household name.

“It’s magic. You can’t program it. It had some magic in terms of (Roberts), me, the story, the director... It was the time of our lives, it was a time in the universe, it just happened!,” he said.

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Pretty Woman, which released in 1990, was about a businessman (Gere) who falls in love with an escort (Roberts) he hired to accompany him to events.

“I’m of a certain age where festivals around the world are giving me lifetime achievement awards, and I think it’s a little premature!,” he joked.

The film grossed USD 463 million worldwide and earned the then 23-year-old Roberts a Best Actress Oscar nod.