Richa Chadha Asks For Safety Assurance Before 'Naming And Shaming' Black Hats Of B-Town

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| December 10 , 2017 , 14:59 IST

Fukrey fame Richa Chadha is one of the few Bollywood actresses who has gained an identity in showbiz on the basis of sheer determination and talent. Unlike conventional actors, the bold woman has openly talked about the evil of casting couch which still exists in Hindi film fraternity.

The bindaas beauty has once again caused an uproar among the masses by giving out few details related to the offers she was given to "boost her career growth" during her initial days in Tinsel town. She revealed that not only was the actress asked to send a lot of messages but also date a cricketer.

While talking to a leading website, Richa confessed that once she was forced to go on a date with an actor who was already married. Chadha admitted to refusing the offer but also affirmed that neither was it last the recommendation nor first.

Every time an actress talks about these cases, media and masses never fail to provoke them into taking names. Richa is also ready to take names but on one condition which is safety and work assurance.

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She said, "If you give me pension for life, take care of my safety, my family, ensure I'll continue to get work in films and TV or whatever I want to do, my career will grow unabated as it is right now after I name and shame somebody, sure I will. Not just me, million others will do that. But who will do it?"

The actress is well-aware of the consequences of her statements. Richa admitted, "Every time someone speaks there are repercussions. Whoever is speaking out people are like 'oh you've to name and shame.' If the press knows who is doing this, why not let it out? Every time we take a step, there is a backlash. The ecosystem and the structure of the industry needs to change. We don't have royalties here for actors, in absence of proper legislations, who will take a risk?"

Richa Chadha's latest release 'Fukrey Returns' is doing wonders on box-office which is clear with its first-day collection of Rs 8 crore. The film is the sequel of 2013 sleeper hit which ruled many hearts due to the presence of funny ensemble of Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma, Ali Fazal and Manjot Singh.