Return To The Mahishmati World With Netflix New Series 'Baahubali: Before the Beginning'

| August 3 , 2018 , 13:54 IST

The Baahubali franchise, consisting of the 2015 film 'Baahubali: The Beginning' and the 2017 sequel 'Baahubali 2: The Conclusion' have a massive cult following, with fans spanning from across languages. The two films combined have earned over Rs 24 billion in global ticket sales.

Netflix on Thursday announced a prequel series to the popular Baahubali franchise which will be titled 'Baahubali: Before the Beginning' and will depict the rise of the Mahishmati Empire.

Partly an adaptation of the prequel novel 'The Rise of Sivagami', the series had already been given a 2 season order and will be produced in partnership with the original film Baahubali franchise director S S Rajamouli and the original production house Arka Media Works.

"This (prequel) series captures Queen Sivagami’s journey from a rebellious and vengeful girl to a wise and unequalled queen. Power, politics and intrigue find themselves juxtaposed against the rise of Mahishmati - from being a city-state to an empire," described Netflix in an official statement.  

"This is the rich backdrop and drama where the Baahubali franchise is set. The series promises to build on the incredible narrative style of the franchise - including its high production values, spectacular visuals and connective-epic story-telling," the statement said.

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Director S S Rajamouli also expressed his excitement on the development of the prequel series.

"The films Baahubali -The Beginning and The Conclusion, are from one story set in this world and more dramatic stories were broadly conceived while building the Universe. The Baahubali Series, a prequel to the films, is one such story," Rajamouli said.

"I am very excited that this is being adapted as a Netflix Original Series. With Netflix as our partner, we have the opportunity to create a rich and riveting series and take this quintessential Indian epic to the world, which is very gratifying to me as a story-teller," he said.