Rebuilding Nepal Concert At Dzukou Tribal Kitchen; Raising Funds For Quake-Hit Country

| May 19 , 2015 , 15:08 IST
rebuilding nepal concert Knock-kneed children drag scavenged sleeping mats into tarpaulin tents. Grandmothers clear rocks from demolition sites once called homes. And prodigal sons who rushed home to comfort their mothers are building new structures to shelter them from the rain. Days after the magnitude-7.8 earthquake hit Nepal, in the central Gorkha district, people in many villages along the roads have stopped waiting for the government to bring help. Thousands were killed, several others lost their means of livelihood. The massive magnitude-7.8 earthquake on April 25 this year devastated Nepal and the one after that left the Himalayan nation tottering to the brink. The imagery was heart-wrenching. Their needs are vast, but Nepal is so short on relief supplies that the world united in their grief. And India was the first to extend a helping hand to the neighbouring nation. But it's not just the Indian government, but people from all walks of life have been doing their bit to help the nation ravaged by the forces of nature. Joining the bandwagon is Delhi’s most prominent restaurant that brings the flavours of North-East India to the Indian capital - Dzukou Tribal Kitchen. Dzukou Tribal Kitchen is organising a fund-raising concert in association with musician and singer Sweta Pradhan, who hails from Kalimpong, West Bengal, FocusNews.com and UNICEF to rebuild the Himalayan country. The charity fund-raiser will feature Sonam Sherpa (Parkrama Group),  Alo Wanth, Hope Collective, Ghetto Children ,Noida School of Rock, Scalene, Techtronics, Project Rigden, Angelo Daimari, Jonathan Pradhan and band. They will perform between 7:30 pm to 10:30pm on coming Sunday, the 24th May 2015  at Dzukou Tribal Kitchen, E 22, Hauz Khas Market, New Delhi. Focusnews.com is the media partner of the event and will live-stream the event on its website. Watch the entire event :

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[…] Kitchen, along with Sweta Neriah Pradhan and Focusnews.com, came together to host a concert ‘Rebuilding Nepal’ to raise funds for the earthquake ravaged nation. The proceeds of the evening […]