Ram Gopal Varma's 'God, Sex and Truth', Adult Star Mia Malkova's Ticket To Bollywood?

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| January 12 , 2018 , 14:34 IST

Ram Gopal Varma never fails in making headlines for his unique statements and style of filmmaking. The 'Sarkar' hitmaker who has been pretty vocal in expressing his fondness for various porn stars over the past years, recently shot a docudrama with adult movie star Mia Malkova in Europe.

The philosophical treatise of the 25-year-old adult star's life called 'God, Sex And Truth' will explore the ‘truth behind sex as intended by God’. The ‘revolutionary sexual philosophy’ was a 'thought-provoking experience' for both the noted director and the actress.

Mia took the official poster of her feature film helmed by Ram Gopal Varma while thanking him for the opportunity. She wrote, "Indian filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma shot a video with me in Europe titled 'God, Sex and Truth'. I will be the second adult star after Sunny Leone to be shot by an Indian feature filmmaker."

Correcting her a little, RGV replied, "Hey Mia it was such an elevating and thought-provoking experience to film #GodSexTruth ..I never shot with Sunny Leone but will never forget the experience of shooting GOD, SEX and Truth."

The director also shared another poster of the film with a note-worthy caption reading, "This is not GST as in tax but GST as in GOD, SEX and TRUTH ..I shot this with Mia Malkova the second adult actress after Sunny Leone to be shot by a feature filmmaker #GodSexTruth."

Ram Gopal Varma will release the official trailer for his upcoming feature film with Mia on January 16, as suggested by the posters. Interestingly, Varma's web series 'Guns and Thighs' also dealt with nudity. Seems like the director is all ready to bring Malkova in Bollywood.

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