Setting Divorce Goals, Raghu Ram Starts New Phase Of Life With Ex-Wife Sugandha Garg

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| January 31 , 2018 , 14:28 IST

Raghu Ram has always left the viewers flabbergasted with his unfiltered mouth and unapologetic acts. The celebrated TV host recently joined the league of newly divorced celebrities after officially separating from Sugandha Garg.

However, despite the separation, the duo share a warm rapport and love for each other, which was proved in Raghu's latest Instagram post. Setting serious Divorce goals, he posted the collage of his wedding picture and divorce picture with his ex-wife.

His heart-warming caption read, "Some things never change. Like the love I have for you. Like the fun, we have always had together. Nothing ends. It changes and the next phase begins #FriendshipGoals #DivorceGoals."

Raghu and Sughanda's relationship started with friendship and despite their differences as a married couple, both separated on the mutual ground without leaving any bitterness in the wake. Aiming at sending positivity through their broken marriage, both are ready to start all over again as friends.

Posting the same picture as Raghu, Sugandha captioned it, "It’s been a pleasure…All of it…I got you boo..#relationshipgoals #divorcegoals." Notably, both are past the phase of holding grudges and are willing to maintain a cordial relationship.

Post separation in 2016, Raghu and Sugandha remained in touch. In an interview, Raghu has admitted, "Our relationship has changed over time. Today, we might not be a couple, but we are still the best of friends," whereas Sugandha agreed at sharing "a beautiful and special relationship" with her ex.