Priyanka Chopra Apologizes For Controversial Quantico Episode Depicting 'Indian Terrorists'

| June 10 , 2018 , 10:38 IST

Priyanka Chopra on Sunday apologised for the recent controversial episode of her American TV Show Quantico, in which Indian nationalists plot a terrorist attack in Manhattan with the intention of blaming it on Pakistan days before a summit.

Chopra's character, FBI agent Alex Parrish thwarts the plot after noticing a Hindu symbol- Rudraksha, on a chain worn by one of the terrorists. The episode angered many people online. Fans of the actor on twitter slammed the show for including such a plot.

Priyanka took to twitter and said that her intentions were not to hurt the sentiments of the people and that she was a proud Indian.

“I’m extremely saddened and sorry that some sentiments have been hurt by a recent episode of Quantico. That was not and would never be my intention. I sincerely apologise. I’m a proud Indian and that will never change,” Priyanka tweeted.

The episode which aired on June 1 got under the radar of trolls on social media, with fans questioning Priyanka that how could she being an Indian, agree to be a part of the controversial plot.

ABC Studios and the executive producers of the show Quantico also offered an apology for the content of the episode. The crime drama was recently cancelled by the ABC studios.

Calling the plot a betrayal and arguing that such a scenario is improbable if not impossible, a group calling themselves 'Hindu Americans' is proposing to boycott of Priyanka's work and of advertisers supporting her work.

“She has crossed a line with her garbage lying attack on peaceful Hindus. Shame on her!” the group under the handle @HinduAmericans posted on Twitter. 

 You have crossed a line with your hateful attack on peaceful Hindus in your ridiculous new show on @QuanticoTV @QuanticoWriters. Shame on you! We are calling for a boycott of you & any advertisers associated with you. You are a dumb airhead serving Western masters to bash India.

— Hindu Americans (@HinduAmericans) June 5, 2018

ABC, the Disney owned Network, stood by Chopra's side and released a statement, clarifying that the actress had nothing to do with writing or directing the show

"ABC Studios and the executive producers of 'Quantico' would like to extend an apology to our audience who were offended by the most recent episode, “The Blood of Romeo.”

The episode has stirred a lot of emotion, much of which is unfairly aimed at Priyanka Chopra, who didn’t create the show, nor does she write or direct it. She has no involvement in the casting of the show or the storylines depicted in the series." 'Quantico' is a work of fiction."

The show has featured antagonists of many different ethnicities and backgrounds, but in this case we inadvertently and regrettably stepped into a complex political issue. It was certainly not our intention to offend anyone,” the statement said.