Priyamani Dons Khaki In Telugu-Kannada Bilingual

| June 30 , 2015 , 13:02 IST
Priyamani main Southern actress Priyamani, who has mostly featured in glamorous roles, has for the first time in her career donned a khaki uniform in a yet-untitled Telugu-Kannada bilingual, which is directed by composer-director R.P. Patnaik. "Priya plays a powerful CBI officer in my film. For those who have seen her only in glamorous avatars, this role will come as a pleasant surprise," Patnaik told IANS. The film, a political thriller, features Priya in the lead role. "There's a lot of drama and thrills. Priya's role will remind audiences of yesteryear actress Vijayashanthi in 'Khartavyam'. I should commend her for taking the effort and getting the mannerisms of a CBI officer correctly," he said. Patnaik, who has also produced the film, plans to release it in August.