Prakash Raj Backs Rajnikanth-Starrer 'Kaala' Against Ban In Karnataka

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| June 4 , 2018 , 15:20 IST

Actor Prakash Raj is known for voicing his opinions on politically relevant issues time and again. He has now come forward into support of Rajnikanth-starrer 'Kaala' against the ban imposed on it by Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC).

He slammed the Karnataka government for allowing the fringe groups to take the law into their hands, adding that a small group of notorious elements can't decide what the majority of Kannadigas want. Prakash expressed his disapproval for banning Kaala on Twitter.

Prakash emphasised that Cauvery issue is an emotive one for the people of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu which has nothing to do with the release of a film. "What's Kaala got to do with Cauvery?" he titled his long statement.

"There is a deep bond between man and a river. So when we talk of Cauvery we do get extremely emotional about it. This is true of people from both states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu where emotions run high when we try to find a solution to share water," he started.

Prakash further mentioned, "Getting emotional does not solve an issue; we need to be practical about it too." He argued that Rajnikanth's remarks on the Cauvery issue might have hurt the sentiments of Kannadigas but Kaala should not be targeted.

"Let's for a moment ponder what we would achieve by stopping the release of the movie Kaala. A statement made by actor Rajinikanth has hurt us deeply. Yes, I agree. In order to express our dissent, a few organizations have called for a ban on the film. Is that what we Kannadigas want?" he asked.

Prakash further argued, "If the film is released and people decide not to see it as a mark of their protest only then we will be able to gauge what people really want. But these fringe elements deciding on behalf of the people will not let us know it."

The actor has been expressing his opinion on Twitter for a long while using #justasking and speaking about the 'Kaala' issue, he has left the readers actually ponder over the act of banning the film as justified or not. Rajnikanth had supported the formation of Cauvery Management Board which ignited protests by Pro-Kannada outfits against the release of Kaala.