'Parmanu' Row: John Abraham & KriArj Entertainment Sort Out Differences, To Release Film Together

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| April 22 , 2018 , 13:22 IST

John Abraham-starrer 'Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran' was floating in dangerous waters ever since the legal battle between the actor's production house JA Entertainment and KriArj Entertainment, who is co-producing the film broke out but the two have now reportedly called a truce.

As alleged by the actor, Prerna Arora's production house was delaying the payments, which halted the post-production work, leading to a repeated shift in the film's release date. Fed up with the continuous bickering with co-producers, Abraham had terminated their contract and decided to release the film under his banner only.

The step led to a series of allegations thrown at the actor by KriArj, transforming an insider matter into a full-fledged war. After days of spewing venom against each other, all is well between John Abraham and Prernaa Arora as both have called an amicable truce late Friday evening.

An insider confirmed, "There was no dispute over the Rs 5 crore that KriArj was to pay John and as per the contract terms, it will be cleared upon delivery (of the product)," adding, "Now that things have been sorted on paper legally, they will be implemented as soon as possible, keeping the release date in mind."

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John Abraham, the director is JA Entertainment had filed three criminal cases against Prernaa Arora headed KriArj Productions for cheating, breach of trust, defamation and offences committed under the Information Technology Act whereas the other party had also filed a series of complaints against the actor.

As the warring producers dragged each other to court, the authorities reprimanded both the parties, JA Entertainment was directed to re-add KriArj Entertainment's name to the film while directing the latter to pay the entire balance amount to secure its rights in Parmanu.

In order to show its commitment to the film and its ability to spend Rs 10 crores on the film’s P&A, KriArj was told to deposit the money in court or in an escrow account. Both parties have now resolved their issues amicably on mutual terms and are working on finalising a joint statement.

Helmed by Abhishek Sharma, 'Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran' explores the mission through the eyes of an armed forces personnel played by Abraham, who had an important role in making the mission successful. The film is now slated to hit the theatres on May 25.