Pahlaj Nihalani Questions Akshay Kumar's 'Clean Image', Targets Him For Promoting Paan Masala

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| December 15 , 2017 , 15:29 IST

Bollywood celebrities have an untamable influence on commoners, most of who follow their favourites blindly. Naive admirers often indulge in god-worshipping actors and imitating their acts for showcasing their dedication. Not just the films but commercials and brands the stars endorse also plays an important role in determining their follower's preference.

In an eye-opening moment, the Ministry of Information and Broadcast recently decided to ban the condom advertisements between stipulated timings on request of Indian parents who feared the bad influence of such commercials on their children. While many respected and supported the decision, former CBFC chairperson, Pahlaj Nihalani is not very satisfied.

Speaking up on the matter, Pahlaj admitted that there are more harmful advertisements which should draw the attention of concerned authorities. He said, "It's not condoms but paan masala that's killing people. Children seeing condom ads isn't going to kill them. But being encouraged to take gutka and paan masala by Bollywood role models is definitely damaging to the nation's health."

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Targetting Bollywood celebrities for promoting harmful products, Nihalani angrily spewed, " Akshay has a very clean image. He's seen as a hero of the masses. Then why is he promoting a brand of paan masala? Others like Govinda and even Pierce Brosnan are promoting what's a proven agent for cancer. If this is not detrimental to national health, what is? Condoms? Ms Irani needs to focus better."

Reminding the broadcasting authorities of the ban on alcohol and paan masala ads, he added, " The law forbids CBFC from granting certification to such ads. Therefore, the ads for these products are illegal. Actors who are part of such ads should know they're participating in illegal activities." Despite his constant attempt at reaching the I&B Minister regarding the issue, he received no response.

Pahlaj is irked that, "Smritiji is going after condoms and not the real enemy" and demands an early action. During his tenure as Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) chairperson, Nihalani angered many filmmakers by chopping scenes of intimacy from their films, calling them inappropriate for the Indian audience.