'October' Trailer: In Unique Tale Of Love, Varun Dhawan And Banita Sandhu Are Intense Yet Innocent

| March 12 , 2018 , 13:50 IST

Shoojit Sircar's October has been creating waves among the masses for quite some time. The slice-of-life love saga has piqued the interest of audience due to film's dreamy first looks and heart-warming teaser and the recently released trailer has ignited the curiosity further.

The simplistic yet intrusive video clip launched by the film's cast and crew on March 12 takes the viewers on a soul-stirring journey of emotions, love and innocence. As intense as Varun Dhawan's Dan is, he is equally gullible while Banita Sandhu's Shiuli seems ill yet honest.

With the heart-warming score playing in the background, Varun's child-like personality is winsome. Searching for his love in this unique tale, the actor touches emotional chords of the viewers' hearts. Nothing more than a few glimpses of the leading lady was seen in the trailer.

Written by Juhi Chaturvedi, the unusual and unconventional story also features Rohit Sukhwani and Pragya Shrivastava. Based on the director's inspiration from the newspaper clipping, the film shot within the time span of 38 days will release on April 13.