Nothing Suspicious About Sridevi's Demise, Died Of Natural Causes, Confirms Forensic Report

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| February 26 , 2018 , 15:30 IST

Sridevi's sudden demise shocked and saddened the entire nation. While many were mourning over losing the legendary actress, few were noted speculating the cause of her unexpected death. Her forensic report, however, has cleared the air.

As per a report by Times of India, the forensic doctors in Dubai have confirmed that Sridevi died of Heart Attack. They further stated that there is nothing suspicious about her death and she passed away due to natural causes.

The 54-year-old actress didn't have any history of a heart ailment which raised red flags for the Dubai authorities. The reason for the delay in Sridevi's repatriation is stated to be the location of her death. Also, since her body is needed to be transported overseas, official steps multiply naturally.

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If a death occurs within the hospital, authorities are aware of the cause which helps in releasing the body quickly but a person dies outside the hospital, a proper investigation needs to be carried out after the case is registered.

With the forensic report confirmation of her death due to heart attack, Sridevi's mortal remains will soon be ready for repatriation after the Police Clearance the other procedures completion which includes immigration and embalming.

An autopsy was conducted on late Sunday night. Sridevi's mortal remains will be transported back to India through a chartered flight for last rites as soon as a death certificate is issued. Once back, her funeral will be held at Mumbai's Pawan Hans in Juhu, Ville Parle.