Nobody Is Interested In Watching Documentaries: Akshay Kumar Justifies PadMan Success

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| February 18 , 2018 , 17:50 IST

Akshay Kumar's career chart has many variations. His journey from being an action hero to comedy king and now an offbeat expert has inspired many. The actor believes that cinema has immense power to create awareness among the masses.

His latest film PadMan expects to create awareness about menstrual hygiene and changing the mindset of conventional people towards the taboo. The film has fascinated the viewers with its unique concept collecting over Rs 68.12 crore within eight days of its release.

Akshay admitted that "Entertainment is the best way to spread social message" while talking to a leading news agency. He said, "Nobody is interested in listening to speeches or watching documentaries. They are more interested in knowing about a subject through films."

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Pointing at the importance of education for creating awareness, the 50-year-old said, "Menstrual hygiene should be part of the educational system. There is never a thing on menstruation. Even if there is something on the subject, it is only for girls. That is the worst part. Even boys should be included in this conversation on menstruation."

Installing a sanitary pad vending machine at ST bus depot in Mumbai Central, Akshay said that the idea behind R Balki's directorial "was to break the taboo and there is nothing wrong with it. There is nothing wrong with talking about menstruation and I just want people to come and watch the film."

PadMan has touched many hearts and started creating a difference in the society already. While Rajasthan government is planning to make the film tax-free, World Bank is planning to screen the film in 6,42,000 villages across India free of cost, the actor confirmed.