'Newton' Not Copied! 'Secret Ballot's Producer Dismisses The Rumours Of Plagiarism

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| September 26 , 2017 , 18:39 IST

Rajkumar Rao's latest release 'Newton' made headlines when the film became India's official ticket to the prestigious Oscars. The political satire was highly appreciated by the viewers for its unique concept.

When the rumours regarding the movie being copied from an Iranian movie, 'Secret Ballot' started making rounds, many Indian admirers were heart-broken. Many questioned the authenticity of the award-winning film as well.

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Having had enough of such accusations, Bollywood Director Anurag Kashyap went ahead and contacted the producer of 2001 Iranian film for throwing light at the truth behind the entire ordeal.

Apparently, the producer of 'Secret Ballet', Marco Muller has refused any signs of plagiarism in 'Newton' after watching a link of the film shared by Anurag. Kashyap later took his confirmation to Facebook.

As per the director, upon his request, Muller watched the film and accepted that apart from the general idea, nothing in the two films is similar. After seeking permission from the Marco, Kashyap shared the screenshot of his answer.

Post personally reaching out to the producer, Anurag did some more research and also found a statement given by the director of 'Secret ballet', Babak Payami when he was asked about the similarities in two films by an Indian Journalist.

Babak also despite not having seen the film confirmed that the two films are based on completely different concepts. Anurag bashed the gossip mongers who started the grapevine for degrading such a deserving film.

Kashyap on Sunday has taken to Twitter expressing his disappointed about the news. It is understandable for Anurag to go out of his way for getting 'Newton' out of controversies as his 2012 release 'Barfi' which also made it to the Oscars couldn't go further due to the rumours of copied scenes.

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