Netflix To Adapt Salman Rushdie Hit Novel ‘Midnight’s Children’ As TV Series

| June 29 , 2018 , 15:18 IST

Netflix is set to come up with an original tv series based on Salman Rushdie's seminal novel Midnight’s Children, about India’s transition from British colonialism to independence, the internet entertainment service announced on Friday.

Rushdie, who was knighted in 2007 for services to literature, said he was "delighted" that the book "will have a new life on Netflix".

"I am greatly looking forward to working with them to help create it," he said in a statement.

"Midnight's Children", which is considered as his magnum opus was published in 1981 and has won multiple accolades, including the 1981 Booker Prize, the Best of the Booker and the James Tait Memorial Prize.

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It falls in the postcolonial, postmodern and magic realist literature as it follows the life of Saleem Sinai, born on the stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947, the exact time of India’s independence.  His every act is mirrored and magnified in events that sway the course of India’s national affairs; his health and well-being are inextricably bound to those of his nation; his life is inseparable, at times indistinguishable, from the history of his country.

He later discovers he has telepathic powers, shared with those that were born between midnight and 1 am on Independence Day, about a thousand others. These children are known as "midnight's children".

Erik Barmack, Vice President, International Originals, Netflix, said in a statement: "'Midnight's Children' is one of the great novels of the world, and its themes are still relevant to the India of today. The narrative continues to fascinate audiences decades after it was first published."

"We are incredibly excited to translate this pioneering work of fiction that parallels the birth of modern India, for a global audience. The rich experience and talent of Indian creators combined with the global reach of Netflix have the potential for millions of more people around the world to rediscover this story."