'Missing' Movie Review: Manoj Bajpayee & Tabu's Gripping Acts Make The Bland Film Watchable

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| April 6 , 2018 , 16:16 IST

With almost no amount of film promotion and a predictable climax, 'Missing' works sheerly due to brilliant performances by the leading duo. Sure, there are certain elements which make this Mukul Abhyankar directorial watch-worthy but they might not be enough to keep the audience hooked.

The interesting puzzle starts as the Dubey couple (Sushant and Aparna) arrive at a luxury resort of Mauritius through a ship along with their three-year-old daughter 'Title' wrapped in a bundle of cloth. Trying to play the quintessential couple, the duo somewhat overdoes themselves.

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After the check-in, follows a passionate night making the duo forget to allow their daughter who is sleeping in the next room. Titli is now missing and the father doesn't seem much affected by the development whereas the mother is crying rivers, asking for her missing child to come back to her.

Then enters the Mauritian detective of Indian origin Ram Khilavan Buddu (Annu Kapoor) who feels that something is amiss with the wallowing parents, especially the father, who keeps throwing in some silly punches. For instance, when the detective finds a pack of condoms in his dustbin.

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Upon being asked about the pack, Sushant quips stupefied, "Don’t tell me you don’t know the usage of a condom?" Apart from the unintentional humour attached to his character, the father is an unsuccessful flirt but a natural pervert, which we establish when he stares at the receptionist's chest longer than necessary upon checking in.

Amidst the accusations flying, the married duo playing mind games with each other, secrets waiting to come out and the detective calling the twisted tale "illogical", the thriller gets messier with each second forward, leading to an absurd ending with many questions hanging in the air.

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While we'd refrain from commenting on the cast's makeup, which by the way was horrible, three of the heavy duty actors have played their parts with utmost sincerity. The poorly-crafted story was rendered bearable due to the occasional jibes but the arbitrary twists might spoil your mood.