#METOO: Mumbai Police Gives Clean Chit To Subhash Ghai Over Molestation Allegations

| December 8 , 2018 , 15:36 IST

Bollywood film director Subhash Ghai was given a clean chit by the Mumbai Police in connection with the molestation allegations against him, on December 6.

Mumbai Police in its closure report, released on Friday, stated that allegations against Ghai were fabricated, and since no substance in the accusations was found during the course of the investigation, the case had been shut down.

Model-actor Kate Sharma had filed a molestation complaint against Ghai in October. She alleged that the 73-year-old tried to "forcibly kiss and hug her after calling her to his house."

Reacting on the accusations, Ghai denied all her claims and stated that he has always respected women in his life and at the workplace.

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Mumbai Police took charge of the complaint and investigated the case. Also, they enquired with the people present there on the same evening.

Ghai's PR team issued an official statement which read, "After police made many efforts to call Kate Sharma at police station she appeared at police station only on October 22 with a request to postpone her application and then again she reappeared on November 14 at police station to withdraw her application against Subhash Ghai and made a statement that she does not want to pursue it further for her personal reasons."