Meet Mac Lethal, The Rapper Who Is Faster Than Helicopter Blades

| June 20 , 2018 , 15:58 IST

Ellen DeGeneres's favourite guy has become the fastest rapper on the planet. David McCleary Sheldon known by the name Mac Lethal and his hitting rhymes are on the rise. An underground rapper from Kansas, Lethal used his unique ability to 'rap' ridiculously fast to make him an internet sensation. He is probably the only rapper known to be faster than helicopter blades.


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Lethal tasted success in 2011, when he posted a video called 'Look At Me Now' which went viral overnight and stood tall at 38 million views. He became famous and started to upload breathtaking raps frequently - There's rapping with only Z words, rapping for 90 seconds straight... without breathing, rapping after eating a hot pepper and then posted after some 9 months 27 styles of rapping, which you will find him flashing through several hip-hop styles and doing impressions of rappers like the one and only Slim Shady-Eminem, which he nailed amazingly.

Remaining relevant and hot on YouTube is no piece of cake. It seems like Lethal has conquered the music game. Lethal got a brand new challenge where one of his fans challenged him to rap 300 words in a minute and he fuelled it more by dropping a light speed rap- Fast Rap-400 Words in a minute for all the people arguing on social media about the quickest rapper in the world oh now we know. There's no doubt. Listen to it for yourself, you will get a clear sense of his brash streak and ability to rap.