Malayalam Actor Sanusha Harassed In Running Train, Co-Passengers Paid No Attention

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| February 2 , 2018 , 14:10 IST

With every passing day, the cases of sexual harassment in the country are sadly touching an all-time high. While the entire world is talking about the crime, India's so-called social animals are still far from raising their voices for their abused daughters.

In another case of social negligence, a 23-year-old Malayalam actress named Sanusha was harassed in a running train on January 31. The actress has alleged a Kanyakumari native of touching her inappropriately during her travel in Maveli Express.

What shocked Sanusha the most was the indifference of her co-passengers, none of whom was decent enough to come forward and help the girl in need. The brave girl, however, held onto the molester until two people came to her aid.

Sharing her experience, Sanusha expressed, "At around 1 am when I was asleep I felt something on my lips. When I woke up I saw that man in the opposite berth was feeling my lips. I immediately caught hold of his hand and twisted it. At this time he was begging me to not make this a big issue. I switched on the light immediately."

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She added, "Only two passengers writer Unni and one Ranjith came to my help. There were many people, including women in the compartment, but no one came forward to help. I was screaming…It's sad how the others behaved."

The popular regional actress was deeply saddened by people's behaviour and suggested that if she had started her protest on social media, many would have turned up for help but "when you’re confronted with a real-life situation, nobody cares or reacts."

Calling the incident disheartening, she said, "Probably if I had put up a status on Facebook, there would have been many more people showing support, saying “I’m with Sanusha” and changing their display pictures. However, as a woman I want members of the community to stand up for me at times when such incidents happen, not just later on social media."

When the incident was reported to Train Ticket Examiner, he further conveyed the details to the railway police and arrested the accused when the train reached Thrissur. The alleged molester has booked under IPC section 354 and sent in 14 days Police custody.