Mahira Khan Was Wronged As An Artist: 'Raees' Director, Rahul Dholakia

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| December 16 , 2017 , 17:40 IST

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan created a wave among the masses with her Bollywood debut in 'Raees'. While the audience appreciated her performance, the actress had to face injustice on many occasions before the film's release which the director Rahul Dholakia acknowledged in his recent tweet.

In a recent interview, the actress showered the team of her Bollywood film 'Raees' with praises which touched the chords of Dholakia's heart. Mahira, who reached Dubai to attend an Award ceremony, when asked about her disappointment as she was not invited for the film's promotion due to a ban on Pakistani artists expressed that she harbours no hard feelings for the cast.

Overwhelmed with Mahira's understanding answer, Rahul tweeted, "So sweet! Somewhere I feel we have wronged her. Our people forgot that she is an artist, not the enemy. We took away her right as an actor. Unfair. Mahira Khan, you are wonderful and thank you for being a part of Raees."

While talking about her filming experience, Mahira said, "Whether it was Shah Rukh Khan or Rahul or Ritesh Sidhwani or Farhan Akhtar, they all have been so amazing. At the end of the day, it's about films, which is bigger than all of us combined. The film needed to be released. The film had to do well. They were all amazing. They still are."

In wake of Uri attack which took place last year, many political groups protested against the casting of Pakistani artists in Indian films. While Shah Rukh Khan's 'Raees' featured Mahira Khan as the actor's love-interest which irked the protestors and demanded a ban on the crime thriller.

With the purpose of settling the controversy, Shah Rukh along with film's producers, Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani met up with the leaders of political parties which were demanding the removal of Mahira's part from the film and decided to retain the part without Mahira's further involvement in film's promotion.