Let's Get Salman Bhai Married, Because He 'Can't Afford' It

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| February 24 , 2018 , 14:11 IST

For years now, fans of Hindi Film industry's most eligible bachelor Salman Khan have been praying for the 52-year-old actor to get married and start his own family. Every time the handsome hunk is close to bidding adieu to his single status, one or the other obstacle refrains him from doing so.

However, the actor recently expressed his desire to get married to an online portal but along mentioned the biggest reason for remaining unmarried. No, finding a perfect girl is not a problem, after all, who wouldn't want to marry a rich, handsome man like Salman Khan.

The real issue seems to be the extravagant wedding scenes which have become a trend these days. With millions of expectations to meet and crores in line, Salman prefers to remain unmarried. Inspired by his father who spent only Rs 180 to get married, the actor wants to spend his income wisely.

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After organising his little sister's wedding recently, the 52-year-old got the idea of the expenses a marriage brings along and is not interested in spending his hard earned money on such petty thing. Upon being asked about his single status, the actor's reasonable reason came as a surprise to many.

Known for dodging the 'marriage' question, Salman Khan revealed, "Weddings have become such a big thing that people started spending lakhs and lakhs and crores and crores in getting somebody married. I can't afford it. That's the reason I'm single."

The actor has earned millions of ardent fans during his long career, who surely wouldn't want the actor to remain single for the rest of his life. So let's take up the challenge and get Salman Khan married. Even little contribution from your side will be appreciated. Donate as much as you can to 'Being Human'.

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