Shraddha Kapoor In Legal Trouble! Complaint Against 'Haseena Parker' Filed

| September 19 , 2017 , 16:16 IST

Shraddha Kapoor is set to appear in a never-seen-before avatar in Nahid Khan’s production, 'Haseena Parkar'. Just before the release, it has landed in a legal trouble.

According to reports, a clothing manufacturer has filed a complaint against the actress Shraddha Kapoor and one of the producers of 'Haseena Parkar', Swiss Entertainment for cheating and breach of trust.

According to the complaint, Shraddha failed to promote the fashion label ‘AJTM’ during the promotional campaign of her film. The brand has reportedly paid a huge sum of money to the film producers for the purpose. 

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"My clients had worked very hard for the project under their brand name AJTM, as it was their golden entry into Bollywood. After their personal meeting with Ms Shraddha Kapoor, they put their heart and soul into this project titled ‘Haseena Parkar’."

The company’s law producer, Swiss Entertainment, told news agencies, "M&M Designs firm which supplied dresses for the actor in the movie has filed a private complaint in the Mumbai court and the case will come up for hearing on October 26."

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"It is very unfortunate that the obligations as undertaken in the agreement were not performed, and my clients felt cheated. Therefore my said clients had no option but to file a criminal complaint against the producer and Shraddha," the lawyer said.

The movie is set to hit theaters on September 22. It is yet to see if the movie gets a good response after so many delays and issues.