'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Movie Review: Egerton's Charm Saves The British Spy Sequel

| September 22 , 2017 , 17:55 IST

Kingsman: The Secret Service a Matthew Vaughn film that came out in 2014 was a blast and despite a few political criticism (the slaughter at the church, the sex-reward from the princess), it was a nice spin on the spy genre. It was basically a version of Bond but with very sarcastic and funny twists. 

As spy movies usually always work, a sequel seemed like a great idea, but unfortunately, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is not something you’d expect it to be as it does not do justice to the first part of Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman.
Despite another amazing performance by Egerton the movie feels blown up and unable to carry its cartoonish tone. Rather than being a light, fun piece of escapist entertainment, The Golden Circle suffers from trying to do too much.
The Plot of the Kingsman: The Golden Circle: 
Eggsy living his life as a Kingsman, and he’s got an amazing relationship going with Princess Tilde played by Hanna Alström until a “fun-loving” drug wizard Poppy which is played by the legendary (Julianne Moore) has to go and burn the Kingsman organization to hell.
Merlin played by (Mark Strong) who is the quartermaster of Eggsy (Taron Eggarton) are forced to help the statesmen, who are the Kingsman American cousins. When Eggsy and Mark are in the United States of America, both the characters find that Harry Hart(Colin Firth) is alive.
The main trouble for the Kingsman is Poppy the drug kingpin who is poisoning her drug supply to blackmail the government to legalize all her drugs, which would make the Julianne Moore’s character both rich and able to come out of hiding from her South American lair.
Eventually Eggsy teams up with The Statesman, Whiskey, Pedro Pascal, and Harry to try and track down the antidote and save the world again.
Final Review:
In this sequel, characters make choices they would never have made in the first movie in order to quickly establish the new villain and team. Characters the audience loved in the original movie are swept away quickly.
Apart from these flaws, the movie is entertaining and fans of the first will certainly enjoy the second. Also, look for Elton John as he is featured in the movie for the funniest movie cameo you’ll ever see.
The sequel lacks the first movie's essence. The tonal shifts between comedy, drama, and action don't work as well as the first, so when we do reach those moments of tension — to quote Valentine from the previous movie — it seems like, "this ain't that kind of movie."