Kicked Out Of Paris Apartment, Mallika Sherawat Denies Renting Any Such Residence

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| January 10 , 2018 , 14:15 IST

Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat who is known for her bold stints in the films like Murder and Hisss has reportedly been evicted from her Paris apartment which she rented with her French husband Cyrille Auxenfans on January 1, 2017.

Despite various claims, Mallika has refused to have any such flat. Sticking to her previous statements, Mallika has once again rubbished the reports stating, "I have said it before & I am saying it again, I do not own or rent any apartment in Paris."

She further clarified, "I have been in Los Angeles & India since last 8 months. I do not live in Paris. Please do not spread false rumours."

The actress was warned by the French court on December 14 last year to clear the pending rent 78,787 euros ($94,000), which she failed to acknowledge. Her furniture from the posh flat was seized with court's permission immediately until further notice.

The apartment's owner alleged that the couple failed to pay the monthly rent of 6,054 euros since they started living there and only a single payment of 2,715 euros has been made in almost a year.

As per AFP reports, Mallika's lawyer has cited the couple's financial difficulty as the reason for non-payment. He emphasised the "irregular" nature of Sherawat's work during the argument, which was dismissed by the apartment owners.

The couple can still appeal against the eviction orders till March 31, as they cannot be thrown out of their apartment before a moratorium on wintertime evictions expires as their lawyer mentioned that they are facing 'temporary financial difficulties.'