John Abraham Parts Ways With KriArj Entertainment, To Release 'Parmanu' On A New Date

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| April 2 , 2018 , 14:26 IST

Cinephile has been eagerly waiting for the release of John Abraham-starrer 'Parmanu- The Story Of Pokhran' but seems like they need to hold-up their curiosity some more due to the actor's legal battle with KriArj Entertainment which has now taken an ugly turn.

The film's release date has already been pushed thrice from December 8 last year to February 23 and then April 6. Due to the difference of opinions, John Abraham Entertainment has terminated its contract with co-producers KriArj Entertainment and will release the film itself now.

"In the best interest of the film, we have terminated our contract with KriArj Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and will soon announce the release schedule. Termination of the agreement by actor John Abraham’s company "is valid and legal"," read the official statement.

John Abraham Entertainment has accused KriArj Entertainment of breaching the contract and described the extreme step taken to be in best interest of the film. They further added that after various efforts to reconcile, they forced to terminate their contract.

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Specifying the delay of payment on the other party's party as the major reason, they added, "We have been waiting and asking for payments at every stage.” But their payments have either “been delayed or we have received wrong UTR (unique taxpayer reference) number."

The delay of payment has halted the film's post-production, resulting in rescheduled release dates. "Despite repeated follow-up, the distribution plan for the film has not been shared and there has been no transparency in their dealings with third parties," they added.

Warning the KriArj against any attempts of defamation to "jeopardise the film or defame the production house and/or the film, like they have done in the past with other films, will compel us to initiate legal proceedings against them," the production house added.

On the other hand, KriArj Entertainment has called the contract's termination "illegal and invalid" assuring that their rights as film's joint producers are secured and stated that they will be taking necessary legal action against "the breaches committed by John Abraham Entertainment."