Janhvi Kapoor Pens Heart-Shattering Note For 'Too Pure And Full Of Love' Sridevi

| March 3 , 2018 , 14:43 IST

As they say, you are never able to grasp the true importance a person holds in your life until he is gone. While many do, some just take them for granted. The same was not the case with Sridevi's princess Janhvi Kapoor, who appreciated each moment she spent with her 'Mumma'.

The untimely demise of legendary actress Sridevi has never the entire nation grief-stricken but nobody's loss can be compared to that of the loving family of the late actress. Many close to the legendary actress have earlier mentioned about her being excited about her daughter's debut film, which she won't be able to watch.

Her shocking death has saddened millions of her fans and family members. While Boney Kapoor has already expressed his grief through a heartfelt note for his beloved just after he lit her pyre on Wednesday, Janhvi broke her silence only on Saturday with an emotional tribute to her mother.

Few days before her 21st birthday, the young starlet penned a heart-wrenching message for the woman who was "too good" for this world. In today's stressful life, it is impossible for anybody to maintain a joyful demeanour but Janhvi was able to achieve the feat due to her mother.


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Starting the message with words "There’s is a gnawing hollowness in my chest", Janhvi described the beautiful bond she shared with her mother in few words. "I love you, my everything," she signed off, aptly describing the adoration she held for the 'Hawa Hawaai' actress.

Her caption to the gallery posted along with the note held an equally strong message for those who have taken this opportunity to tarnish the "immortal love" shared between Sridevi and her husband Boney Kapoor instead of letting her soul rest in peace.

She further requested of "Preserving the sanctity of what they (Sridevi and Boney Kapoor) had would mean the world not only to my mother but also to a man who’s entire being revolved around her, and her two children who are all that remains of their love."

Sridevi was found unconscious in the bathtub of the hotel room by her husband Boney Kapoor, who rushed his wife to Rashid Hospital, where the authorities declared the actress dead. Boney Kapoor was also interrogated by Dubai Police as he was the only person present during Sridevi's death.