Jacqueline Fernandez Suffers A Permanent Eye Injury During 'Race 3' Shoot

| June 10 , 2018 , 16:59 IST

Jacqueline Fernandez suffered an eye injury during the shoot of her upcoming movie Race 3. The actress took to Instagram on Saturday and shared that her eye has got a permanent injury due the accident on the set, which happened in March earlier this year.

She said that she is grateful for the fact that she can still see. However, her iris is never going to be 'perfect round again'.

Sharing the development on the injury, the actress Instagrammed a close -up of her eye and wrote, "So it's a permanent injury and my iris will never be a perfect round again but so so grateful I can see!! #race3memories #abudhabi."

While talking about the uncertainty of actor's lives, Jacqueline told Hindustan Times “We are living in a cut-throat world and entertainment is a very brutal business where every Friday things change. There is no foolproof formula for success or failure here, but the result gives you the reality check every week."

She further added, "At times we get demotivated at so many different levels because everything changes on Friday -- fans, idea and loyalty. When things go right consistently, we tend to forget that it is a very fickle world where we are just a moment away from the opposite side of success."

Salman Khan's upcoming movie 'Race 3' will release in 3D and will be one of the first Indian actioner to release in 3D in India. Helmed by Remo D'Souza, the multi-starrer film will hit the silver screens on June 15.